© Jonathan David Whitcomb 2010 “Passionate” describes the approach  of these cryptozoologists to reports  of modern living pterosaurs seen in  the United States of America. Read  for yourself the second edition of the  book Live Pterosaurs in America.  Think about imbalance rather than  lack of entertainment. Teenagers  are human, needing a balance of  work, rest, play, and the structured  learning that we call “education.”  Think of the person whom you  have labeled “bored.” Does he or  she spend most of the time in only  one of the above four areas? Sure  it is that some persons, in special  situations, can sometimes only be  alternating between two of them. A  medical student spends almost all  the time studying and resting. An  adult who has arrived at the long-  awaited employment may spend  most of the time working, with little  time for play, none for education.  Try getting more balanced with the  above four basic activities and do  not let any idleness enter into any  of your routines.   Social interaction, of course, can  be an important part of the four  basic activities. In fact, the friendly  relationships are important in our  lives, including the many positive  communications with others. Spiritual values can enhance our  lives, and it need not be confined  to church meetings. Prayer and  meditation, when balanced with the  four basic activities, can make life  more meaningful, giving relief from  the boredom that might otherwise  enter in.  Please also note one blog post in  “Child Care for Lakewood,” about  teenager boredom. Strange as it  may seem, at least a few teens  feel excited to become involved in  cryptozoology, even in the unusual  field of living-pterosaur reports.    Balance