"I can hardly put this book down. It is quite astonishing to read of creatures so large that they can lift a human up into the air or rob a corpse from a new grave. They even glow at night with bioluminescence.

" . . . eyewitness are somtimes reluctant to tell their stories because of ridicule . . . fueled by . . . evolutionary superstition. How sad we in the west are so blinded by wrong assumptions fed to us by the 'scientific' mainstream.

"This book is so refreshing. Jonathan Whitcomb is to be congratulated for giving us a glimpse of our world denied us by the wildlife 'experts' from western countries."

Seeking truth with eyes open? Read this book! April 5, 2008
By S. Lee "The General," 5 stars (highest recommendation)
"Be prepared to have your eyes opened to the mysteries yet to be discovered in God's awesome creation. This book is packed full of sightings and details of the amazing and intriguing animal known as Ropen that is found in Papua New Guinea. If you really want to know about the Ropen you need to get this book. It's much easier to believe natives from other countries who have no reason to make up stories about dinosaurs (since they don't realize that they are supposed to be extinct) than to believe stories from people in America who use stories to get their five minutes of fame, not that they are all lying. I would give this book 10 stars if I could! This book should be in every library!!"

A must read for everyone interested in dinosaurs!!!! (Comment on July 8, 2009)

By Shalee Britton "creationspeaksofGod"
5 stars (maximum possible commendation)
"Searching for Ropens," a creationist book on investigating modern (live) pterosaurs, is highly approved (on Amazon.com) by those who are
unoffended by Biblical Creation ideas
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