Why Support Traditional Marriage

Remember the source of human life. Countless generations of families nurished within traditional marriage—that is the source. And that relationship between a man and a woman deserves to have a name for itself: “marriage.” When somebody spews out “hate monger” at a political opponent, that outburst may pull attention away from this critical issue: The formal union between a man and a woman deserves to have a name specific to itself.

Support the source of human society, all human life, all persons of all labels. How can we better show respect for all persons, including those who are labeled “gay” or “homosexual?” Recognize the value of that family institution that has been the foundation of successful human societies: the relationship between husband and wife.

What could be wrong with simply allowing true marriage to have a name specific to itself? Respecting the importance of traditional marriage to all human cultures and nations—that also shows respect to those who ignorantly try to change the definition of the word “marriage,” for it shows respect for human life: that each person, regardless of political views, deserves to live, and that life (how often we take it for granted!) came through countless generations of nurturing from men and women who lived within the foundation of the husband-wife relationship: traditional marriage.


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