Adahmeve – the Husband-Wife Relationship

The word “adahmeve” allows us to refer to the husband-wife marriage in one word. The word “marriage” is becoming polluted by the alternate meaning of same-sex government-authorized unions, a relationship contrary to the order of God.

It seems hardly anyone noticed that the legalization of “same sex” marriage would take away from society the word that was specific to husband-wife. That adulteration of the word has already begun, and just when we most needed to support traditional marriage.

The word “adahmeve,” pronounced uh-‘dah-meev, is the noun, with “admeve” the verb and “admeved” the adjective. “Admeved” is also the past tense of the verb. Consider this example of using these words; I refer to my own life.

I admeved my wife in 1978, in the Los Angeles Temple. Our oldest daughter entered into adahmeve with her husband in the Salt Lake Temple. Our other two daughters decided to admeve their husbands in the Los Angeles Temple.

Here is the translation from the older usage of “marriage:”

  • marriage [noun] – adahmeve [sounding: uh-‘dah-meev]
  • marry [verb, present tense] – admeve [sounding: uhd-‘meev]
  • married [verb, past tense] – admeved [uhd-‘meevd]
  • married [adjective] – admeved  ” “
  • marital [adjective] – admevial [uhd-‘meev-ee-ul]


This couple was admeved in the Los Angeles Temple (LDS), with a reception in Long Beach, in 1978

Marriage union of a man and a woman: adahmeve

The word comes from the English names of our first parents in the Garden of Eve, according to Genesis in the Bible: Adam and Eve.


About Jonathan Whitcomb

I support the preservation of the original definition of "marriage," that institution between man and woman that has given us human life for countless generations.
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