Long Beach Child Care Backyard Whitcomb Family Daycare, 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, CA Child Care in Long Beach Whitcomb Family Daycare Child care in 90807 Babysitting in Southern California These photos were recorded in May of 2012, after spring cleaning in preparation for the summer play times Copyright 2012 Jonathan Whitcomb Weekly full-time rate: $150 (normal hours, M-F; slightly more for those needing diaper changing) Daily part-time rate: $35 (normal hours; assuming weekdays only) The gazebo (left) protects the children from the hot sun in the summer, providing pleasant shade. The new vinyl fence provides security: Nobody will get into the backyard without authorization and no child will get out of the protection of the yard. A new wall, on the northeast side, was also newly constructed, giving a complete enclosure for this child care backyard in Long Beach, California. Not that the children want to leave this lovely and safe setting at 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach. Gladys and Jonathan Whitcomb have countless years of experience giving children opportunities for wholesome play in this backyard, which is especially arranged and organized for many safe and fun child care play activities Why are no children shown in above photos of this home child care backyard? We want you to see a bit of what was done to prepare for the summer of 2012. See below for photos of children. Why are the children’s faces partially covered in the photos below? It’s for security and privacy. We cover the eyes of each child in our care, but only in the online photos, of course. We value the rights of each child who is in our care, and believe that you will understand this need to cover part of the photos in this way. Above is part of the “village” in this backyard Looking north, over the castle (log cabin on left) Whitcomb Family Daycare (home child care) is licensed by the state of California and by the City of Long Beach (state license: # 191604310). Call 562-427-6027 - “You’ll be glad you called Gladys” Front yard safety with a fence Large Family Child Care Long Beach Child Care Home