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Three Types of Dinosaurs Living in Papua New Guinea?

From In a Nutshell, we learn that it seems that three distinct types of giant dinosaur have been seen by eyewitnesses on New Britain Island (Papua New Guinea) within the past twenty years.

Something resembling a “tyrannosaurus rex” was reported to have eaten three dogs near a swamp in the eastern part of New Britain Island. “Christine Samei told reporters she saw the ‘dinosaur’ . . . in a marsh . . . very huge and ugly looking.” Someone reported that it was a “ten-foot-tall grey-colored creature with a head like a dog and a tail like a crocodile.”

InaNutshell also reports, “Near the coast of southwest New Britain, two different dinosaur-like creatures have been observed by natives. According to . . . Brian Irwin, Dililo Island . . . has an apparent sauropod dinosaur . . . the length was estimated at “about 20 metres” (over 60 feet). And Umbungi Island has an apparent Therizinosaurus . . . with length estimated at “10–15 metres” (about 40 feet).”

I (Jonathan Whitcomb) recently communicated with the explorer Brian Irwin by email. The islands where natives observed the apparent sauropod and the apparent Therizinosaurus do not have many sightings of such animals. Irwin (not related to Steve Irwin) seems to have little hope of observing one of those creatures at those locations. I hope that he (or some other adventerous explorer) finds a location where these kinds of creatures are seen regularly. If only I could come along and videotape a dinosaur!