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Strange Flying Predators in Texas

Nocturnal pterosaur-like flying cryptids are again making news in Texas. Last week’s news release “Unmasking a Flying Predator in Texas” explains the intelligent behavior of some of the mystery lights in Marfa. The blog In a Nutshell calls the predator a possible “flying dinosaur.”

The truly mysterious lights, sometimes called “ghost lights,” only appear a few times a year, but they have been photographed and videotaped, with no apparent simple explanation. It would seem that old common place explanations have run out of steam, stymied by the dances that cannot be explained by reference to tectonic stress or ball lightning. Yes, the lights seem to dance, splitting into two and, after the two separate, coming back together, as in square dancing. But “flying dinosaurs?’ That seems too far fetched, but the idea has at least one merit: It explains why the mysterious lights of Marfa, Texas, appear to dance.

The source of this new idea about Marfa Lights is the new second edition of the cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America. But reports of apparent pterosaurs flying over Texas is not new, going back decades in some areas.