genuine versus hoax photo

A Pteranodon in a Civil War Photo

“Uncommon bits of information” certainly fits a 19th century photograph of a recently-deceased pterosaur. Long viewed as a paranormal image, the old photo has now become the subject of a book, a nonfiction publication at that: Modern Pterosaurs.

The key player in the photo that is now called “Ptp” is this: an apparent Pteranodon, not fossils bones but apparently recently deceased when the photograph was taken.


Apparent Pteranodon in an old photograph

Ptp photograph declared authentic

Reply to Skeptics

Forget about what some skeptics have said about those soldiers: declarations regarding Photoshop and digital hoaxing. To make a realistic photograph of an extant pterosaur, no hoaxer would paste images of Civil War soldiers onto a background of trees. That’s a lot of work and and total waste of time. We already have many such soldiers with tree backgrounds. The real challenge would be to paste a realistic pterosaur onto an old photograph.

The American physicist Clifford Paiva found evidences of the photo’s authenticity, after examining the details. One of those was a shadow of the front soldier’s shoe on the beak of the animal. Paiva declared that this shadow is consistent with other nearby shadows.

That by itself suggests the front soldier was photographed with that animal. In other words, that man’s image was not pasted onto a photo of an apparent Pteranodon.

World-View Influence on Personal Interpretations

What does a person think when first viewing this photograph? It depends a lot on one’s personal world-view, especially regarding assumptions about universal extinctions of basic types of living things, especially dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

If you believe that no pterosaur could possibly exist in modern times, then you will mostly likely find some little thing in the photograph that you’ll latch onto, convincing yourself that you have found some evidence for a hoax. That can blind you to what is actually in the photo, preventing you from looking any further into it.

On the other hand, if you believe that even just one species of those featherless flying creatures could somehow have survived into our modern times, then you may be able to look deeper at the photo that is called “Ptp.” That can allow you to read about evidences that have been discovered by Clifford Paiva and by me, Jonathan Whitcomb.

Confusion From a More-Recent Photo

Around the year 2000, a similar photo surfaced, eventually confusing some people who had no idea that more than one “Civil War” pterodactyl photo existed. The newer one is a hoax, created in imitation of the much older Ptp photograph.

genuine versus hoax photo

Genuine (left) versus a recent hoax (right)

Some skeptics have even written online publications that present the older photo as if it were the TV-show hoax image. How sad that they have gone so far astray!

Click on the above image to compare the two photos. Experts have found numerous evidences for a hoax in the one on the right. The one on the left, however, (Ptp) has been declared to be genuine, even to the point of showing a branch under the beak of the animal. Before about 1870, props were used to help keep people still during the many seconds needed for photographic exposure. That branch was used to keep the animal’s beak and the man’s shoe steady.



Civil War Pterodactyl Photo (Ptp)

On January 14, 2017, Clifford Paiva and I spoke by phone and agreed that the photograph now labeled “Ptp” has a genuine image of a modern pterosaur. He’s a missile defense physicist, living in California. I have been a forensic videographer, although my expertise in recent years has been in the interviewing of eyewitnesses more than in the technical side of imaging.


Civil War Pteranodon Photograph

I believe it’s important that people not be deceived when viewing the image that Mr. Paiva and I have declared to be a genuine modern pterosaur. We are serious about our declaration that this photograph (Ptp) has a valid image of a real animal.


Pterosaur Flies in Los Angeles County

Live pterodactyls flying over Los Angeles? It must be a low-budget Hollywood sci-fi, right? Wrong! From San Fernando Valley to Lakewood, Los Angeles County has reports of featherless flying creatures, some of which have long tails. The word that keeps coming up is “pterodactyl.”


Is Modern Pterosaurs a Creationist Book?

The nonfiction cryptozoology book Modern Pterosaurs should be published well before the end of April, 2017. The front cover gives no hint that it supports a Biblical Old Testament point of view, but the back cover clearly does: A scientific discovery in harmony with the Flood of Noah in the book of Genesis, in support of the Bible


Smithsonian Embraces Shuttle but “Shoots Down” Pterosaur

On April 17, 2012, the Space Shuttle Discovery rode on a modified 747 over the nation’s capital, before coming to its final landing, to be placed in one of the Smithsonian museums. But still the Smithsonian seems to refuse to modify its position on eyewitness testimonies, worldwide, of living pterosaurs. The blog post “Don’t Get Strung Alone by the Ropen Myth” has not been modified.


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