“Where is the Plane?”

I recently saw a photo of the Pentagon, soon after the 9-11 attacks. The caption was something like this: “Do you see a plane?” It seems to imply that an airliner crashing into the side of the Pentagon should remain visible and recognizable after the crash.

One problem with that idea is this: The photo was a long-shot, recorded from a distance. Closer photos, not shown by the person submitting this photo, clearly show pieces of an airliner that were on the outside of the building.

destruction of part of the PentagonPart of the Pentagon after 9-11

Please take this in context. When an airliner crashes, at a steep angle into the ground, in a rural area, nothing resembling any plane will be visible afterwards, when the scene is photographed from a distance. A solid building like the side of the Pentagon—that would be similar to solid ground: It would destroy any airliner that collided with it.

Eyewitness Testimony

After the attack on the Pentagon, on September 11, 2001, eyewitnesses came forward and reported an airliner crashing into that building. No person reported any missile hitting that building. Case closed.



9-11 and Freedom of Speech

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