Films With Chess Games

A number of movies feature the game of chess, a few of them emphasizing the game.

Knights of the South Bronx (rated PG)

This TV-film is based on the true story of an elementary teacher in Northern New York City. He inspires his students to strive for success in a game in which personal appearance, poverty, and family pedigree make no difference.

film about kids learning about chess and life

Substitute teacher defeats 14 chess opponents at once: exhibition

One reviewer said:

Once in while we need to remember just what a teacher can do to make a difference. This is a movie that does just that. A story that helps us appreciate what a teacher can do to change a child’s life. Sometimes what a kid needs is a teacher who understands that tests don’t always represent intelligence. Sometimes we need a teacher who sees things a little different. . . .  A simple story about success in a most unlikely setting. A very enjoyable “feel good” movie. [Knights of the South Bronx, 2005]


Wizard Chess in Harry Potter Movie

Ron Weasley is knocked off his knight’s horse as his chess piece is captured in the first Harry Potter film. His two friends are helpless to assist him until the game ends and the unseen opponent is checkmated by Harry. Few games are this exciting, as these three children face the danger of being destroyed, for captured pieces are blown to pieces in Wizards’ chess.

Wizards' Chess with Harry Potter

Dangerous pawns block Harry Potter and his friends




Chess in Movies

The greatest obstacle [in the first Harry Potter film] is a giant chess set, in which enemy pawns will not let them pass before they play a dangerous game.


Chess Winning Streaks

First let’s look at Jose Capablanca . . .  from 1916 to 1924 (a 63-game streak without a loss)


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