Earth Day and Ropens

Not one word is mentioned, on the Earth Day site, about ropens. Elephants are plainly visible, hard to miss, but then those animals are huge. Well, some ropens are reported to be huge as well. The differences between those two basic types of creatures are also huge.

Yet we do see similar problems. For one thing, if you report that you had witnessed an elephant flying over a freeway near Griffith Park, in Los Angeles, California, people would think you were crazy; they might also think you were crazy if you reported a ropen flying over that freeway, but only if they knew what a ropen was.

living "pterodactyl" seen in Cuba by Patty Carson

Look at the above image and you’ll know what a ropen is, and you’ll see the problem: It looks everything like what should not be flying over a freeway in Los Angeles. Few professors believe that kind of flying creature even exists, at least in our modern world of freeways and Hollywood movie productions like Jurassic Park. Yet we actually do have a few professors who do believe in them: the biology professor Peter Beach, for example. And Professor Steven Watters, of Crestview, Florida, has seen a ropen himself.

The above image was sketched by an eyewitness who encountered one of the creatures at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in the 1960’s. Two of them were seen by United States Marine Eskin Kuhn, a few years later, at that same American military installation in Cuba, and that’s not so far from where Professor Watters lives in Florida. For sighting locations, the list goes on: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia . . . People might see them even more often, except that ropens seem to be mostly nocturnal and they avoid people.

When will this secretive cryptid be captured and displayed in a zoo? Perhaps before Earth Day of 2015, if the efforts of a few secretive cryptozoologists are successful in the next twelve months, in at least one of their few secret locations. But for now, believe in the ropen if you like or believe that the world is becoming more crazy each year.

How can anybody take such reports seriously? Well, four days before Earth Day 2014, somebody seems to have taken these elusive animals very seriously, with a nonfiction book of 354 pages published: Searching for Ropens and Finding God. Some of the eyewitness accounts are enough to make you lock your doors at night, but then you’re probably already doing that if you live near a freeway in Los Angeles.

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