Dragons Flying over Los Angeles?

Twice in the first five months of 2013 has an eyewitness reported something like a pterosaur or dragon flying over Los Angeles, both times over the I-5 between Griffith Park and Glendale. Those two sightings were less than two miles apart, near the Los Angeles River, if not directly over it.

Three “Dragons” seen early Sunday morning, May 3, 2013:

In the first encounter, a lady saw what she at first assumed were kites, for they were definitely not birds. She was soon shocked to see their tails move in a way proving they were alive.

“They appeared to be several feet long, with a head:body:tail ratio that was certainly not that of a bird. Their wings were long, angular and pointed and their tails had triangular points. They appeared light in color – white, gray or light green.”

“Pterosaur” seen at 4:00 p.m. March 13, 2013:

In the second encounter, another lady saw a “pterosaur” without knowing about the first sighting, ten weeks earlier. She was almost sure it was not a bird. She concentrated on the head, which had a crest, so she did not notice whether or not the flying creature had a tail.

“I’m almost positive what  saw fly over the freeway in Los Angeles WAS NOT a bird of any kind. and matches the exact descriptions of a pterosaur except for the tail. I didn’t actually look for a tail. I was too in shock by the head crest and the wings. I’d love to find out if what I saw could be a pterosaur.”

satellite map showing where three dragons were reported to have flown over a freeway in Los Angeles on March 3, 2013

Three “dragons” flew between Glendale and Griffith Park in March of 2013

Griffith Park Pterosaurs

“I’m almost positive what I saw fly over the  freeway in Los Angeles WAS NOT a bird of any kind. . . . I’d love to find  out if what I saw could be a pterosaur.”

Live Pterodactyls in Los Angeles County

The teenaged girl . . . the late 1960′s, in her home on Altadena Drive, against the foothills north of Pasadena . . . was amazed to see a giant “pterodactyl” fly “straight up” over a mountain ridge, perhaps in the Henneger Flats area.

Pterosaur Sightings Near Griffith Park

In two separate sightings, two eyewitnesses in Los Angeles, California, reported flying creatures described like pterosaurs. The sightings were a little over a mile apart, both from drivers on the northbound Interstate-5 Freeway, just east of Griffith Park, near Glendale.

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