In this Youtube video hoax, it looks like a large predatory bird is capturing a human child

Fake Bird Attacks Fake Baby

On December 18, 2012, somebody uploaded a video to Youtube. It looks like a home video of an eagle that grabs onto a child, a toddler that is sitting on the grass in a public park. It was pure fiction, however, admitted later by students of an animation school in Montreal, Canada.

In this Youtube video hoax, it looks like a large predatory bird is capturing a human child

A large bird flies low to the ground and picks up a baby, under the mother’s nose. But that scary event never happened: It was a hoax.

Immediately, as the video became very popular with Youtube viewers, critics began pointing out inconsistencies. In one frame of the video, one of the bird’s wings has vanished. Also, the apparent voice of the camera operator seems off, for he says “wow” when the bird is flying in an ordinary way high up above the park, but when it flies much closer and low to the ground the camera operator says nothing. In addition, the weight of what those eagles can carry is known and that toddler appears to be too heavy for that bird.

More telling is the behavior of what seems to be the mother. She seems to see nothing as the bird flies to her baby, picking it up off the ground; after all that, she turns her head and seems about to get into action. But as she begins to go after her kidnapped baby, she seems almost unwilling to catchup, hardly even getting into a run. When the baby falls out of the grasp of the deadly bird, the mother does not even stretch out her arms to try to catch her little one; the baby falls about eight feet down to the ground.

Fortunately the baby was only a computer animation model, as was the bird. If there had been an actual baby and an actual bird to carry it off the ground, things would probably have gone much worse for the baby.


How Popular is the Truth?

“Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” has now had over forty million (40,000,000+) viewers


Pretended Abduction of Baby by Bird

 It’s been shown to have been just a pretended abduction.

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