Pterodactyl Expert?

The correct scientific word for “pterodactyl” is similar: “pterosaur.” Some spell it “teradactyl.” But is there such a thing as a pterodactyl expert? The subject came up recently online. The original discussion was on a cryptozoology site forum, in which attacks were not from dangerous flying creatures but from skeptics who were inflamed by the title “pterodactyl expert” being applied to a cryptozoologist in California: Jonathan Whitcomb, who writes about large bioluminescent pterosaurs that still fly overhead.

Can a Cryptozoologist be a Pterodactyl Expert?

Of course, the real issue is the credibility of the eyewitnesses whose reports have been analyzed by Whitcomb. Could sightings have been misidentifications or hoaxes? The appropriateness of the label “pterodactyl expert” is way off the mark for what we need to be asking ourselves.

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One thought on “Pterodactyl Expert?”

  1. If someone has found out what these things are or has seen them feel free to email me at

    I have seen them, they look like bats but flap their wings way different than birds do… And they have a red-orange bioluminiscent body… First time I spotted one was somewhere on Nov, 2011 , last time I saw 2 of them together a week ago.

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