Texas Marfa Lights

Are the ghost lights of Marfa, Texas, only night-mirages of car headlights, or are the “Marfa Lights” truly mysterious? Several scientists and a group of student-scientists have searched and researched, with various conclusions. The most common explanation is “car headlights;” the strangest, “living pterosaurs.” But several time a years, lights appear that cannot be explained away as ordinary; those lights are quite mysterious.

Wikipedia gives room for a few criticisms of the mysterious nature of Marfa Lights. At least some of that reasoning, however, is flawed. Regarding military aircraft activity during World War II, Wikipedia says, “Between Marfa AAF and its satellite fields — each constantly patrolled by sentries — they consider it unlikely that any actual phenomena would have remained unobserved and unmentioned,” but the phenomena are observed—that is the point—so how can something be both observed and unobserved? And military personnel HAVE observed the strange lights and they HAVE mentioned those lights.

Wikipedia also mentions a 2004 scientific investigation by the Society of Physics Students at the University of Texas at Dallas: “They came to the conclusion that all of the lights observed over a four night period southwest of the view park could be reliably attributed to automobile headlights.” The problem, with jumping to the conclusion that there are no mystery lights appearing at Marfa several time a year, is this: The same logic that states that the mystery lights are thus proven to not exist, but are only car headlights, that same logic could state that there are no night-flying airplanes and no meteors. Of course airplanes and meteors exist, so that logic would be invalid.

A few researchers, very few, believe that Marfa Lights are caused by bioluminescent preditors similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea. How strange is that? The ropen is said to be a modern living long-tailed pterosuar.

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