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Chess End Game of Queen Versus Rook

by on Sep.25, 2015, under Chess

Derek Grimmell has produced a series of chess videos on Youtube, each explaining attacking and defending principles in the queen-versus-rook end game. These have inspired the chess-book author Jonathan Whitcomb to propose that this kind of end game can benefit early beginners in the learning process, but simple tactics need to be emphasized.

queen-versus-rook end game in chess

A Philidor position in the queen-versus-rook endgame of chess

Although many of the positions used by Grimmell are more appropriate for tournament players, Whitcomb advocates using simple tactical themes in teaching this kind of end game: “The Philidor position is great to know for advanced chess competitors, but it’s too difficult for the raw beginner to remember all the details.”


queen versus rook end game in chess

Black to move and draw in this simple lesson for the raw beginner

In the larger diagram above, it is black’s turn to move. It is possible to get a draw, but what move would work? The key in this position is in the lineup of the white king and white queen. Black moves the rook to the e2 square, pinning the queen. As the rook is protected by the black king, white is forced to give up the queen in exchange for capturing the rook. Only two kings would then be left on the board, an automatic draw.



Queen vs Rook Chess Endgame – “Absolute Seventh”

When the defending king is on an edge of the board, in the queen versus rook end game, one defense is using the rook to cut off the attacking king.

Trapezoid Pattern of Queen Versus Rook

Derek Grimmell calls this the trapezoid . . . Although it may look innocent enough, black has no move that does not quickly lose.

Cage in a Queen Versus Rook Endgame

Attacker’s advantage with a cage against the defending king – video by Derek Grimmell

Playing a Chess End Game

“For a beginner learning the end game, you first need to learn how  to win when you are ahead in material. Knowing how to win with a  king and queen versus a long king is great, but how do you get that queen?” [From the book for beginners ‘Beat That Kid in Chess’]

Patience in Winning a Chess Game

Moving the rook to an open file is natural in the middle game. In the opening, however, the knights and bishops should usually be developed first.


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