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Pterosaur Explanation for Ghost Lights

by on Mar.03, 2010, under Strange

According to National Geographic, regarding the Marfa Lights (Texas), “Reports often describe brightly glowing basketball sized spheres floating above the ground, or sometimes high in the air.” (Word-for-word National Geographic correlates with Wikipedia here.) Wikipedia adds that skeptics attribute the lights to “mistaken sightings of ordinary nighttime lights, such as distant vehicle lights, ranch lights, or astronomical objects.”

According to Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America, some of the America ghost lights may be from bioluminescent pterosaurs, similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea. Those flying lights are sometimes seen above mountains, sometimes with a mountain background, and sometimes moving too fast to be from any human source; they are not from vehicle lights (especially where there are neither vehicles nor roads, especially in the sky), astonomical objects (with mountain background), or natives’ flashlights.

The British entomologist Evelyn Cheesman investigated the strange lights she saw deep in the mainland of New Guinea, in the 1930’s. She never was able to come to any conclusion about what caused the lights, although she was sure that they were not from any human origin.

See also “Pterosaur Interpretation of Chessman Sightings.”

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  • WesternNC

    Some researchers (not Bunnell, at least not yet) now believe that the Marfa Lights are made by large flying predators like the ropens of Papua New Guinea. It sounds strange but these animals are said to glow in the dark. It helps them catch the Big Brown Bat and other animals in Southwest Texas.

    The Marfa Lights do not stay many days at a time near Marfa, Texas. They go away and come back a few weeks later. This is just like large predators do when they roam around a big area. They hunt for a day or two in one place and then move away, to come back later.

    People who have seen the ropen in daylight say that it is a pterodactyl with a long tail. One man saw one that was as big as a Piper Tri-Pacer airplane. His name is Duane Hodgkinson. He would not lie about it for many years, for he is a certified flight instructor and he needs people to trust him when he teaches them to fly small airplanes.

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