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Eyewitness Reliability Regarding Modern Pterosaurs

by on Jan.10, 2013, under Strange

According to the cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb, “Trust one eyewitness of a plane crash over the imaginations of a hundred professors who’ve agreed how that plane should fly.” He believes eyewitnesses of modern pterosaurs, or at least apparent flying creatures whose descriptions seem to indicate they are pterosaurs.

According to Whitcomb, eyewitnesses from a number of countries have reported similar details, such as non-feathers, long tail, and head crest. Not that Whitcomb himself has ever seen a modern pterosaur, but he proclaims his believe in them because of the eyewitnesses, who have sent him reports from Africa, Europe, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Canada, and the United States.

The latest sighting was by a U. S. Marine in Missouri, who reported a large “pterosaur” that frightened some chickens. The creature had a long tail that had a “diamond shape at the end” and a “cone protruding from behind its head.” With a wingspan of at least “ten feet,” it was no wonder the chickens turned chicken. The eyewitness also reported, “I’ve seen enough documentaries about dinosaurs, watched enough movies about dinosaurs, been to enough museums, seen enough fossils; I know it was a pterosaur.”

Pterosaur Eyewitness Reliability

The first pterosaur fossil discovery, in 1784 (four years before George Washington was elected president), was decades before Charles Darwin began writing

Who can be a Pterodactyl Expert?

Fossils experts know about the bones of pterodactyls, but can a cryptozoologist be an expert on modern pterodactyls?

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