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“Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” Video

by on Dec.26, 2012, under Environment, Strange

On December 18, 2012, an apparent home video appeared on Youtube, apparently showing a large bird of prey grabbing a toddler in a public park in Montreal, Canada. Skeptics quickly pointed out suspicious elements of the video, including a mother who is too slow in reacting to her baby being carried up into the air. It also seemed suspicious that the mother did not scream and seemed to just slowly jog over towards where the baby was eventually dropped by the eagle.

Other skeptics revealed aspects of the video which severely brought into question its authenticity, strange combinations of shadows and an artificial look to the “toddler” when individual frames were magnified. News professionals were suspicious of the apparent attack when they learned that nobody had reported any problem, to the Montreal police or newspapers, regarding any bird in any park.


video image with computer animation of "eagle" that snatches "baby" in a park in Montreal

Did an eagle actually carry a toddler?

An animation studio in Montreal soon admitted the hoax, for students at their school fabricated the attack with computer-generated models of a bird and a baby. The special effects video was said to have taken 400 student-hours of work.

Eagle Video Hoax

You’d think small children were no longer safe in city parks. From among those 36 millions viewers, perhaps hundreds of thousands of parents and grandparents became concerned about the safety of toddlers in open areas like that park in the video. It was unfortunate but unnecessary, for the pickup never happened.

Monkey Bird or Pterosaur in State of Washington

The flying creatures were named by the eyewitness “monkey-birds,” not from an appearance resembling any monkey or bird but from the strange sound they make.

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