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Who can be a Pterodactyl Expert?

by on Feb.23, 2012, under Strange

Fossils experts know about the bones of pterodactyls, but can a cryptozoologist be an expert on modern pterodactyls? The nonfiction author Jonathan Whitcomb thinks it possible. He has responded to what he calls “attacks” from skeptics who object to his being given the title of “pterodactyl expert.” This particular cryptozoologist has interviewed eyewitnesses of strange flying creatures, many of which seem to be nocturnal, at least most of the time. Many of them have long tails and appear to be without any feathers.

Expert on “Pterodactyls”

But communicating with eyewitnesses—that in itself has helped me to learn how to get to the relevant truth about apparent pterosaurs that are observed by people around the world.

Attack on the Pterodactyl Expert

Where does he [“ape man”] get his concept of how much research I have done? How did I write over one thousand online pages (blog posts plus web pages)? How did I write two editions of one nonfiction book and three editions of another nonfiction book? How did I write a peer-reviewed scientific paper that was published in a journal of science?

How do we answer the question “Who can be a pterodactyl expert?” It depends on whether we refer to fossil bones or sighting of live pterodactyls. In the sense of the latter, Whitcomb seems qualified by his interviews with eyewitnesses; in the sense of the former, he seems unqualified, for he is no paleontologist.

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