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4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, California 90807
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Long Beach home childcare

Just as a garden needs tender nurturing, a young child needs to be nurtured in tenderness, in preparation for kindergarten. First things
first: pre-schoolers need experience getting along with other kids. It
seems that this critical point is sometimes neglected when we only
talk about reading and arithmetic in pre-school education.

How does a two-year-old react when another child grabs the toy that
he was about to grab? It's unlikely that anything that an adult says at
that moment will immediately satisfy both children; but carefully letting children work out their own problems helps them to learn, and in a few
years they will play together in better harmony, knowing that all will
be well in their overall playtime periods.

Allowing pre-schoolers to work out their own difficulties has obvious
limitations: Even minor abuses between children requires immediate discouragement, for hurtful behavior is bad for both children. But the overall policy of self-learning is critical to a child's development.

Now to reading: Learning letters is fine; but learning that written words
have meaning--that is supreme, for it can inspire a child to learn. As strange as it may seem, an average two-year-old can memorize words
if an adult carefully uses a very few flash cards and enthusiastically gives positive encouragement.
Gladys and Jonathan Whitcomb are members of the California Association For Family Child Care. They have cared for pre-
school children for over twenty years. It has been common for the Whitcomb Family Daycare to have four qualified (recognized
by the State of California) adults present in the home, with two
of them providing active care at any given moment.

Yet the cost is reasonable for this established childcare home.
It will be far better for your child than a babysitting nanny.
Near Cherry Park (Long Beach) this home child care is close
to Lakewood, reached easily from Del Amo (south on Cherry).

Whitcomb Family Daycare, near Lakewood

Online photos are protected from "bad strangers." Also, some children have already "graduated" to public school.