Living Pterosaur in Taylors, South Carolina

By living-pterosaurs expert Jonathan Whitcomb

I may have included the following eyewitness report of a living pterosaur in one of my nonfiction books, but it seems that I have not previously published the account online, so here it is:

Hi, I have had three of my children tell me they have seen “dinosaur birds”. My first child was six at the time, back in 2004, when she told me she saw one fly over our car as we were driving down the road, but because she had just come from the hospital with a broken arm, and had been given pain meds I just chalked it up to some kind of hallucination, or maybe a crane. She was adamant about it being a dinosaur bird, and said it had the triangle tip on the tail, but I never believed her even though she is not a liar, and had no reason to make it up.

Then, maybe 2010…not sure because I didn’t take it seriously at the time, my fourth child . . . told me she saw one fly over our home in Taylors, SC. She was just as adamant about it, but again I thought it was probably a crane.

Then yesterday, September 20, 2014, my 12 yr-old-son . . . came running into the house to tell me he had just seen something that looked like a “pterodactyl” flying by our home, which is now in Pacolet/Jonesville, SC, in Union County. He was very adamant about it not being a crane, as I suggested…yet again, and it “DID NOT HAVE FEATHERS!”. He said it looked just like a pterodactyl, and it was gray. He said he did not see a triangular tip on the tail though, but he was sure it was not a crane.

Because of this, and because of his age, and he is a smart, and honest kid I decided to look up sightings. I wish I had done this before now, but anyway, I thought you would be interested.

It would be nice to know we weren’t all crazy! Hahaha! I am definitely keeping my eyes open from now on.

That report was sent to me in 2014, and I have received many similar reports: apparent living pterosaurs that are very much non-extinct and flying overhead in the United States of America.

Why Believe Children who Report a Living Pterosaur?

I believe them when they tell us the same thing that adults tell us: “Pterodactyls” (or “dragons” or “prehistoric birds”) are still flying around. In addition, children are often outside, and they don’t know any better than to tell the truth about what they have seen. I wish more adults were more like kids.



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