Recent Reports of Pterosaur Sightings

Reports of “flying dinosaurs” or “pterodactyls” have accelerated during the past year or so, probably because more and more eyewitnesses are becoming aware of the research of cryptozoologists like Garth Guessman and me, Jonathan Whitcomb. Some reports are of sightings that happened months ago or even years ago, accounts of flying creatures described like what scientists would call “pterosaurs.”

Two (+) Pterosaurs in Kentucky

This sighting of two “pterodactyls” in central Kentucky was by two men who live in an area of the state where there are many caves in which nocturnal creatures might hide. I received this report just last week.

I live in Lamero, Kentucky [a rural location]. I have a friend who lives near Renfro Valley . . . about 12 miles north of me [also a forested area] with a small fishing lake nearby as well as several caves . . . a lot of caves . . .

Last July, I was visiting my friend . . . a little after sunset [but] still daylight . . . The weather was nice, so we were outside, sitting on his deck, watching aircraft flying by. This is something we do all the time, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of a UFO, or anything out of the ordinary. Well, we got our wish that evening. I was looking northward when Brandon, my friend, shouted behind me . . .

Approaching us . . . flying westward were two very large animals. They were really moving on. . . . They appeared to be a brownish color and had every characteristic of a pterodactyl, from head to tail. I’d say they were roughly 15+ feet long . . .

Within five seconds of him pointing them out to me, they were out of sight. I know I wasn’t seeing things because, thankfully, I had another witness right there and we both agreed that the best word we could use to describe what we saw was Pterodactyl.

Naturally, everyone around, including his wife, thinks we are just [joking].

However, there is a guy who lives about 5 miles down the road . . . who, upon hearing our story, said he saw something one evening outside his home that sounded exactly like what we had described, but he only saw one. The lake I mentioned was in the direction they were travelling and like I mentioned before, there’s caves in any direction you point to. Since that day I haven’t had the chance to see another one, but let me tell you, that made a believer out of me. So, that’s my story in a nutshell. I just feel like stories of sightings such as mine mainly fall on deaf ears or get swept under the rug by all the skeptics . . .


Wilderness area, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky


Wilderness area in Kentucky (Daniel Boone National Forest)


Some Recent Sightings in USA

  • Charlotte, North Carolina, January 3, 2013: “a dragon or flying dinosaur . . . a long tail that was skinny and had a pointed shape at the end of it like a triangle . . .”
  • Crestview, Florida, November 14, 2012: “a Huge rhamphorhynchus like flying entity . . . wingspan of 8-12 feet and a tail as long as its torso with a large bulb or lump at the tail very diamond shaped . . .”
  • Northern Georgia, December 9, 2012: “there were three of us who saw this bird fly over, in plain sight, in daylight, up close ….. it was a young Pterodactyl . . .”


Sightings of Pterosaurs That are Alive

. . . the creature had both a head crest (common in Pterodactyloids) and a long tail with a “diamond tip” (common in Rhamphorhynchoids). He saw a living pterosaur near the Maryland-Virginia border, in the 1980’s.

Pterosaur Sighting in Kentucky

I just found your site and thought I’d share a story with someone who actually might take me seriously for once. [same sighting as above but with a few more details

Pterosaur Sightings in the United States

. . . north of the University of California at Irvine. He described the dark gray or black animal as 30 feet long, with 15-16 feet of that being a tail.


1965 "Gitmo Pterosaur" or "pterodactyl" or "dinosaur" seen by two children in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Patty Carson (eyewitness) sketched what she had seen in Cuba in 1965: “Gitmo Pterosaur”


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