Teradactyl Expert

The spelling “teradactyl” is incorrect, meaning “pterosaur,” but not everyone can win a spelling bee. Some Americans refer to this feather-less flying creature as a “flying dinosaur” or a “prehistoric bird” or a “dinosaur bird.” It comes in two flavors: Rhamphorhynchoid (long-tailed) and Pterodactyloid (short-tailed).

So what is a “teradactyl expert?” This also comes in two flavors: paleontologists (who study fossils) and cryptozoologists (who study eyewitness reports of apparent living pterosaurs). This might lead to controversy, when people use the same word (“pterosaur” if they are particular about the correct spelling) for two different meanings.

Attacks on “Pterodactyl Expert”

It was just a few commentators on a cryptozoology.com forum thread who initiated the attack. But it was a rather vicious attack, with one of the assailants using the name “ape man.” The question may appear simple on the surface: Am I (Jonathan Whitcomb) a “pterodactyl” expert?

A Live Teradactyl

 Jonathan Whitcomb, the forensic videographer, interviewed natives with professional experience in getting to the unique aspects of each sighting.

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