Adahmeve – The New Word For Marriage

On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled that same-gender couples have the constitutional right to be married. Most Americans probably failed to realize that this ruling impacted our language: With one little-known exception, no longer do we have a single word, in English, that refers to the formal union of a man and a woman in marriage. That exception is the word adahmeve.

Why do we need the word adhmeve? For those who recognize and honor God’s plan of uniting a man and a woman in marriage, and who understand it, any substitute is repulsive. So how do we now refer to traditional marriage? We use the word adahmeve, and when we speak we pronounce it uh-DAH-meve.

Adahmeve means traditional marriageAn adahmeve celebrated in Southern California

Verb Form for “Marry” – Admeve

How would we now say that Adam and Eve were married? Use the word admeve, which is pronounced uhd-MEVE.

Adam and Eve were admeved.

Adjective for “marital” – Admevial

The adjective to use is admevial, and the old form was marital. How do we now refer to the intimate relations between and husband (man) and wife (woman)?

admevial relations

The word is pronounced uhd-MEV-ial.

What’s Wrong With Just Using the Old Words?

Why use these new words (adahmeve, admeve, admevial)? If you only communicate with those who believe exactly as you do, it might seem to work. Tell your friends that your nephew is getting married, however, and even those who share your beliefs might not be sure what’s happening. Is your nephew in harmony with your belief in the sanctity of traditional values, or is he rebelling against them? That is part of the problem that the U.S. Supreme Court has left us with, changing the meaning of the word married.

No government, however can change the meanings of the following words:

  • adahmeve
  • admeve
  • admevial

These words originated without any government ties, simply referring to the traditional marriage between a man and a woman. In other words, since these words are not contained in government marriage license text, they cannot be altered in meaning (in a legal sense) by any federal, state, or local government.



New Word for Marriage Between a Man and a Woman

A new word has been appointed for traditional marriage between a man and a woman: Adahmeve. . . . God himself organized marriage in the beginning as between male and female. The word “adahmeve” is now available to avoid confusion, for it only refers to the traditional formal relationship between husband and wife.

Marriage and a new Word: Adahmeve

A new word was introduced into the English language on June 28, 2013, the same day that licenses were granted to same-gender couples in California.


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