Definition of “Marriage”

A Specific Noun

For those of us who speak English, is there any commonplace idea that we prefer not to be labeled with a word? The natural direction of growth for the English language is to add a word to our vocabulary when we find something new that we value. How unnatural to officially dilute a word, so that it refers to additional things, not originally intended!

Think about the possibility that a politician or judge or group of persons might change the meaning of a word in the English language. How often has an English word been officially changed through legal means? Not often.

What about the relationship of husband-wife? Why make the word “marriage” more vague? Why try to force on society the opposite of the naturnal evolution of language? Progress naturally involves adding words and phrases, as new objects and ideas emerge. Forcing a word to be more vague is fighting against progress, the opposite of nature, the opposite of progress in language evolution. Does the husband-wife relationship no longer have any value? Is it really not worth having a word specific to it?

The Value of True Marriage

For those who feel that this relationship between a man and a woman, the husband-wife relationship, is of great value to society—those persons should have no difficulty understanding how important is this concept: The husband-wife relationship deserves to have a name specific to itself.

In Addition

For those tempted to ridicule any of the above, beware of bulverism, that counterfeit of sound reasoning, that sneak thief who hides his crowbar under the business suit he wears only to deceive you. Look not for one point of weakness in somebody’s reasoning, and then dismiss everything that person says as if an imperfect person cannot have anything worthy to say, for the sneak thief will already have his crowbar at the dead bolt of the door to sound reasoning. Bulverism breaks through to steal truth when we are distracted.

For those looking for an excuse to label me a “gay hater,” as if I were against persons who label themselves “gay,” what about my poem that refers to same-gender attraction in the following lines?

“The lonely oak, against the storm, unmoved, Now bending away from the sea, Will someday rest, at home across that depth.”

A person who has long-term same-gender attraction but who avoids the sin of same-gender sexual activity is “the lonely oak.” What is the future rest awaiting that person? “At home across that depth” refers to heaven.

I do not hate anybody. I love people and I love the truth, especially when it gives us permanent joy and dispels the dark shadows that would otherwise cross the path of life’s journey. If I feared “gay” persons, I would not write a poem that included a reference to such a person going to heaven.


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