Mutual Improvement

Having failed and succeeded over the past six years, writing nonfiction books, I feel the joys and pains that many other Latter-day Saint authors must also feel. We need each other, perhaps sometimes even more than we need another reader to purchase our newest masterpiece. I hope to be of some help. Although many readers of my books, up to now, have been outside of our faith, I believe my LDS brothers and sisters will feel at home discovering what I have written.

I encourage undivided support for LDS doctrine, with no sympathy for negative thinking, with no sympathy for any shadow of apostasy. I do encourage honest enquiry for acquiring and sharing the truth, not that I encourage only nonfiction writing, but that the truth be served in all of our writings.

Let’s help each other improve, with gratitude for what we’ve already acquired and achieved, with hope to receive and give the best, in whatever we can discover and share.

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