Live Pterosaurs?

Have you noticed the one strange category for posts on this blog? Why “Live Pterosaurs?” It’s just me . . . my specialty in writing two cryptozoology books: Searching for Ropens and Live Pterosaurs in America. I know many fantasies have been written about dangerous dragons in faraway places and fantasy creatures appearing in ones backyard; but I write nonfiction.

What? Dragons are real; pterosaurs, nonextinct? Now you know why you’ve never heard of my nonfiction books: They’re published only in English (I hope that will someday change), and they contradict some fundamental cultural beliefs in most English-speaking nations (I hope cultural beliefs will someday change for the better). In other words, my books have usually sold poorly, for in our culture modern pterosaurs fly too far above the heads of dogmatic universal-extinction proclamations, and glowing nonfiction dragons glare too brightly to be discerned by modern professors who’ve long assumed “fictional legend.”

That deserves more explanation. I believe that some of the old tales of fire-breathing dragons came from real animals: non-extinct bioluminescent pterosaurs; I believe that one of those species (of what some of us would call “glowing pterodactyls”) was a venomous Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur that the ancient Israelites, at the time of Moses, called “fiery flying serpent.” I did not invent that idea; I do support it.

My belief in modern pterosaurs is reinforced by continual emails from around the world, emails revealing eyewitness encounters with flying creatures far unlike any known bird or bat, emails that I sometimes quote in blogs and books. Why do I believe most individuals who write to me about those sightings? Most of them appear credible, some of them passing my probing questioning as honest eyewitnesses (neither hoaxers nor insane) some of them standing by their accounts even under ridicule, even for years, unwavering. They deserve someone who will write in their defense. I continue to write.

I know “living pterosaur” appears strange. Too many Westerner critics have assumed that strangeness must live only in a delusion held by me and my associates; nevertheless, eyewitnesses continue to send me emails and I continue to write about their sightings of live pterosaurs. I don’t deny how strange this appears, but I stand by the credibility of those who bravely admit their encounters with strange flying creatures.

You may write on subjects and in genres worlds apart from my own (if you write fictions about dragons, worlds apart they are indeed); but if you write with passion about the truth in your own nonfictions or the truths within your fictions, I may be of some service. I would like to share my experiences. Keep writing.


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