Sacrament Hymn “Believe and Come to Him”

Today I finished the third (and probably final) verse of the following LDS sacrament hymn “Believe and Come to Him.” The tune is the old traditional one that has often been used for the text that begins “Dear Lord and Father of mankind, forgive our foolish ways.” This music is only slightly altered: One line is added at the end.

[Updated on November 26, 2017: version 49]

Christian LDS hymn “Believe and Come to Him”

"Believe and Come to Him" - words by Jonathan David Whitcomb

Here are the three verses for the new hymn:

Believe in God and come to him
And feast upon his word
Receive the one the Father sent
By making sacred covenant
Partake the sacrament
Believe and come to him

Behold the feet, the hands and side
We know the Savior lives
By eating, we in him abide
And by the Holy Spirit Guide
Behold the Savior lives
We know the Savior lives

By drinking of the water we
Remember why he bled
We cleanse the vessel inwardly
Becoming as he we’d have us be
Remembering the son
Becoming like the Son


Words are copyright 2017 Jonathan David Whitcomb

But noncommercial home or church use is OK

Listen to a simple MIDI audio of this music: Believe-and-Come-to-Him-049



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