A New Sacrament Hymn

from a cruise ship in the Caribbean


Earlier this month, I wrote four verses of a hymn for which I altered an old hymn tune (I revised the text from August 18th-Aug 25, 2017). I consider the following to possibly be appropriate for use in an LDS sacrament meeting, perhaps by a ward choir.

We Remember the Savior

By witness of the Spirit
I know my Father lives
He sent a willing Savior
To witness of their love
That we may share that love

The Light and Life descended
To make our hearts as one
He wants us to remember
The God who gave a Son
The well-beloved Son

Let not your heart be troubled
The risen Savior lives
He gives us life eternal
When He shall come again
And we shall live again

O God, Eternal Father,
We do remember Him
And witness we are willing
Our covenant fulfilling:
To remember Him

The music is an alteration of “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go.” The original version of the music was written by Albert Peace, not long after the original words were written (1882) by George Matheson. The copyright notice refers, of course, to the words. If anyone wants permission to use this hymn, feel free to contact me with the request; for noncommercial church or home use, however, feel free to use it with no need to contact me.


Whitcomb wrote the words of this sacrament hymn in August of 2017


Easter Verses

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